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Based in San Antonio, Texas, Prevent – Prepare – Protect Training and Consulting is the only area full-time firearm safety and shooting school, with a host of available classroom and online courses. P3 Training and Consulting has several NRA Training Counselors for NRA Firearms Instructor certifications and is a licensed Texas Private Security Program Academy for credentialing to support the protective services community. P3TC’s Instructors are not only National Rifle Association (NRA) certified, but many hold multiple certifications and are recognized subject matter experts.

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You must be prepared to protect yourself and your family, which is why so many Texas and non-Texas residents turn to P3TC for Personal Protection and Firearm Safety classes, such as Texas License to Carry Handgun (LTC). P3TC teaches every subject included in Defensive Handgun Academies around the country. Getting your LTC in San Antonio has never been easier and we have a variety of schedules to fit your needs.

Beyond San Antonio LTC training, the P3TC instructional staff offers numerous classes for law enforcement personnel, private security personnel, and citizens interested in increasing their personal safety and defense abilities.  Classes include such topics as advanced concealed carry training, first aid/CPR training, self-defense/assault prevention, and active killer/active shooter response.  P3TC is recognized as one of the world’s premier bodyguard training schools; not only can we train you to protect yourself, but we train professionals to protect others.  At P3TC, not only can we teach you the basics, but we can transition to the advanced personal defense classes you may require.  There are many other schools teaching the basics…but why stop there? 

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The Top Five Things to Know About Texas Constitutional Carry

(The Firearm Carry Act of 2021):

  • Who Can Carry?
  • What Weapons Are Covered?
  • How Must You Carry?
  • What Conduct is Prohibited?
  • What Places Are Off-Limits?

Gun owners are able to access the answers to these questions and more by attending Constitutional Carry Classes.

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P3TCus provides several classes, at different times, for free, as a community service. To find the descriptions and to register for these classes, please look under the “”Classes”” tab at

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