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Consulting Services

P3TC has several personnel recognized as subject matter experts, or are really smart and good at what they do. If you need help, see if we can fill the need.

If the consulting is security related, your consultant may have to have specific State credentials.

In Texas, Security Consultants are regulated by the Department of Public Safety Private Security Program in the Texas Occupational Code.

At P3TC, it is

Certification through
... not attending!

Our Areas of Expertise include:

In addition to the services listed below, Mr. Ken Lewis represented National Protective as a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s “Range Action Specialists” team. This partnership allows us to provide a robust set of skills and operational experiences to bring you the best range and training area consulting available. For more information about the Range Action Specialists team, please click below.

Our Services


Features training in range operational capabilities and limitations, safety; operational and employee, and management through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), including NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) and Chief RSO certifications. Catch us doing a seminar at a conference, or host a training session in your community.


A thorough range inspection reveals the level of safety and mitigation at which a range operates. Safety is daily and routine operations, the environmental impact and stewardship through Best Management Practices (BMPs), Noise Abatement, and projectile containment (vertical and horizontal)


Full partnering and consulting from conception to delivery


Writing BMPs, SOPs, Policies, Procedures, Rules, the Ten Year Plan, etc. are not simply cookie cutter templates. Each plan is uniquely designed and crafted to your unique business model


Leave repair and remediation issues to us. You can outsource your day to day maintenance, or just big projects, leaving you to focus on running your range.


Rates & Compensation

Every job is different and specific task orders require specific levels of involvement. P3TCus has reduced every layer of corporate mark-up possible to keep costs low. P3TCus bills on case by case contract clients approve and appreciate. All contracts are always quoted fees, plus travel time and expenses + 15 G&A.


A standard range complex inspection and report fee is $300 a day (up to 12 hours)
Labor Categories and Hourly Labor Rate(s); $ 125.00
Firearms Testing, Functioning and Evaluation; $200 per hour
Shot analysis, ballistics testing, triangulation, etc.; $200 per hour
Attorney Coaching/Training (on specific firearms for courtroom presentation); $150 per hour
Specific Questions Preparation (relating to specific firearms and cases); $150 per hour
Expert Firearms Witness Testimony (civil and criminal cases); $1,500 per day, to include standby days

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