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Expert Witness Gavel

Mr. Ken Lewis is recognized as an expert witness in use of force, training methodologies, and training area management.

What is an Expert Witness

An expert witness is someone who has education, training, and experience and testifies in court with special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field  relevant to the case.

Why Depend on Us

Mr. Lewis does not allow pride and ego to get in front of his cases. If he does not believe he can expertly and appropriately represent his client(s), he will refer the case to his professional network expert colleagues. 

Benefits of an Expert Witness

Step one, keep your mouth shut!

Step two, let your lawyer represent you. Your lawyer will contract an expert witness who will best tell your story. Let them!

An expert witnesses tells your story based on facts and material evidence, without emotion. They often educate attorneys and the jury with their comprehensive reports and during their testimony.

Proven Results

Every expert witness has a curriculum vita with documented experience. Review their experience and choose carefully.

A great expert will never lie to you, nor for you. You should not want them to.