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License To Carry Handgun (LTC) training is conducted monthly.

Texas DPS License to Carry Handgun Information Page


After you complete your LTC class, be it LTC classroom or LTC online (blended), this page will help you complete the process.


CHL is now an LTC. Read the 90-Day Rule and an article on Castle Doctrine at the bottom of this page.


NEVER trust your friends. They will not keep you out of trouble. There is so much conflicting information out there, you need to do your own research, and question everything. Before you begin, please read the “LTC-16”; Texas License to Carry A Handgun Statute & Selected Laws Relating to The Use and Carrying of a Handgun. You may want to print and bring this to class. The most current version is not always the most current. Texas Administrative Code on License To Carry Handguns is important too.


The State of Texas requires candidates to attend 4-6 hours of classroom training (not including breaks, test, travel, lunch, etc.), in addition to demonstrating safe handling and proficiency (175/250) with a handgun of their choice. Additional military licensing information. There are many instructors in Texas to choose from. Chose your Instructor carefully. If the instructor is not in full compliance with your training, your license could be suspended or revoked.

Upcoming Classes

Apply for your license online. *P3TC will assist with your online application(s) for $25.00. Call us to make an appointment.


You must be at least 21 years of age (18 for military), and have the following, as applicable:


  • Valid driver license or identification card
  • Current demographic, address, contact, and employment information
  • Residential* and employment information for the last five years (new users only)
  • Information regarding any psychiatric, drug, alcohol, or criminal history (new users only)
  • Valid email address
  • Valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express) ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE
  • LTC-6 is required if applicant does not hold a Texas DL or ID Card. Out of State applicants must submit a copy of their state DL or ID Card
  •  If applicant is born out of country, must provide legal status documents, i.e. – Certificate of Naturalization, Permanent Resident Card, US Passport, etc
  • NOTE for Texas DL/ID holders: The Texas DL or ID photo on file with the Department will be used for the License to Carry a Handgun (LTC)
  • LTC-100 or LTC-101 Training Form (received from the LTC instructor upon course completion); Military range scores, from within the preceding 10 years of your LTC application, can be used in place of the proficiency portion of the LTC-100 or LTC-101 Training Form (GC §411.1881)
  • Copy of DD-214 (Member-4); OR any other official documentation showing the applicant is honorably discharged or retired military. Request Your Military Service Records | National Archives

[* Rumor is you may get your past addresses from]


From the LTC website applicants can:

  • Complete & submit the WEB APPLICATION
  • Submit the application fee
  • Schedule LTC specific electronic fingerprints, if necessary; LTC Fingerprint and Photo Information

Then complete the application process by uploading supplemental documents and proof of training in accordance with the application checklist you will receive upon completion of your application. Again, If you want help in filling out the online application, follow the instructions above.


How to Upload Documents to the DPS:

1.  Scan and save appropriate documents to your computer.

2.  Click —>  Upload Documents to DPS.  Select “Handgun Licensing” then “Submit LTC-100/101 …” from drop down lists.

3.  Complete information and upload documents.

4. You will receive an auto reply indicating receipt of your documents.

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LTC comments/complaints can be reported at Select New Applicant Question and make your statement. Be as detailed as possible with W5 & H.

IAW TAC 6.14(f) All Certificates of Training (LTC-100 or LTC-101) are valid for one year from the date of issuance. Any certificate of training that is required in conjunction with an application must be valid on the date the completed application is submitted to the department.


By statute, DPS has up to 60 days to issue an original LTC, and 45 days to issue a renewal license. However, it is imperative that applicants understand that these time periods are calculated from the time a *fully-completed application AND supporting documents are received by the department.  In the event more information or documents are required to complete an application, DPS has an additional 180 days to complete the review process.


More information on the application process is available at the DPS website under the following link:


To check the status of your Handgun License (LTC) application, visit Handgun Licensing, Online Services. 

*In order to be complete, an original LTC application must include: a completed application form, electronic fingerprints, the LTC-100/101 Certificate of Training and any required supporting documentation. Renewal applications must include a completed application form along with any necessary supporting documents.

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