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By appointment only. This is not training. This provides various course(s) of fire to qualify/re-qualify LEO/LEOSA.

This course is to qualify/re-qualify Law Enforcement Officers or those qualifying for LEOSA (HR 218), on duty handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, precision rifle, or select-fire (sub-machine gun) guns. All expenses e.g. range fees, unique targets, special ammunition requirements, etc. are not included.

Who is the course for?

Law Enforcement and Security Officers

Action Steps

  1. Click Buy Now to register for this Course. You’ll receive further instructions via email on how to fill out your Range Waivers, etc.
  2. An Instructor will call you to set the range time appointment and tell you the range fee. If you have not heard from them in 2-3 business days, please email training@p3tcus.com
  3. Ways to Pay The Range Fee
    1. BRING CASH: You can take cash for your range fee. Take exact change or tip the difference. Instructors do not carry change.
    2. PAY ONLINE: Or come back to our Store link, pay for it there and bring the receipt (digitally or paper). 

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