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Certified Instructors teach students the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe, proficient, and ethical use of firearms. 


The NRA Instructor Training Courses consists of two parts: 

Part One: Basic Instructor Training (Must be current within two-years.) 

Part Two: The specific discipline training e.g. Rifle, Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, etc. 

Read the Instructor Training page at 


A BPI candidate must: 

To be an NRA Firearms Instructor, a candidate must meet prerequisite* requirements for the discipline sought. 


Prerequisite: NRA Basic Pistol, Basic Instructor Training (BIT), BPI Pre-course Qualification. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Sportsmen desiring an NRA Firearms Instructor certification for Basic Pistol. 

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor (BPI) Candidates shall complete ALL three items: 

First: The Instructor Led Training (ILT) or Blended Phase 1 online and 2, ILT for The Basics of Pistol Shooting. This is listed as Basic Pistol in the P3TC Course Catalog. 

Second: Basic Instructor Training (BIT) (Part 1), or have completed within two years ( 

Third: The BPI discipline (Part 2)* ( 


*A basic student shooting the instructor qualification (Level 4) in a Basic Pistol course does not count towards a future Instructor pre-qualification, unless the Basic Pistol instructor is a Training Counselor. 

BPI Pre-course Qual: I suggest you read this and do not bring a heavy DAO trigger press, or a .45 ACP.


Seven out of ten candidates get sent home. Just sayin’). 

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